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Group StaySafe™

Connecting Your Community to You When They Need Help

Every community (business, building security department, club, resort, institution and others) should have DefenCall in their Security Toolbox. The immediate awareness of the distress of a member (employees, guests members, etc…) will shorten the response time. Add to that the embedded safety information we include that will help avoid problems and you have a powerful solution for your community.

Let us show you how DefenCall can be customized to meet your needs. An administrator can configure the localized safety and security program information which is made available as well as who receives the emergency alerts, if more than a call to 911 is desired.


  • Smartphone app that allows group members to send an instant “one-button” emergency distress message including the user’s GPS location to for immediate response
  • “One-button” voice call to a number of your choice or 911
  • Alerts messages include user name, mobile phone number and GPS location
  • Automatic call-back can be initiated to the user in distress
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Customized for your group
  • Highly configurable capabilities to add access to additional services such as:
    • Ability to provide crowd-sourced “tips” to by text or voice call
    • Direct call to other services of your choice
    • Content links of your choice
  • Customizable color scheme and button graphics
  • Automated registration process – users send message to text short code and receive registration links
  • Cloud-based dashboard for use by your monitoring personnel
  • Optional outbound text-based broadcast alert system.


  • Increase community member safety by providing enhanced direct access to security personnel or other resources
  • Provide easy access to additional safety resources
  • Option to allow users to send crowd sourced “tips” of dangerous or illegal activity to security personnel turns users and staff into extra “eyes and ears”
  • Low cost
  • Simple, turnkey deployment and administration
  • Quick deployment – only days to customize and activate

For more information or to discuss how Group StaySafe can improve the safety of your community, contact us at info@DefenCall.com or call 1 888 868 8386 now.

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